The Object of Service Design BY: Secomandi & Snelders

The Object of Service Design

Summary: This describes how service design has been used in many fields, from economics, management, and engineering and studies what exactly is the common role of this type of design. One thing that has emerged from service design has been ‘touchpoints’ and it is clear that this term and idea has come directly from what service design is at its core. The article then goes onto describe a service as something that you cannot tangibly have, that it is the in between spaces of the physical aspects of a product or system. Another way to look at service design is that it is the perceived value that the customer gives the product or system. Service design is also the developed and organized activities that a customer goes through within a service. Lastly, a service is that multiple intangible factors that connect the customer to the product and business. It Is all the aspects between what the product is and how people interact with it.  


Reflection: I think the author here states some very simplistic ideas in an overly complicated way. Service design is all the things that she says, and it mostly lies within the intangible region of a product or business and how people interact with those things. The object of service design really to me is to make these spaces have meaning to the creator and consumer.



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