Service Design- a Conceptualization of and Emerging Practice by: Katarina Wetter Edman

Summary: This thesis compares the practices in design to the methods in service management. This article breaks service design down into a ‘framework’ by looking at how design and management deals with user interactions and involvement. The author describes all of service design through 5 parts — 1) interdisciplinary practice, using 2) visualization & prototyping, and 3) participation as means for developing the design object, seen as 4) transformation, and 5) value creation. Overall, this article describes how the methods used in service management, and service design and help each other respectively.

Design in its changing state is design in practice, and it is in this part when conceptualizing the design and managing part become most useful. To understand how a system or service will work, visualizing them in the best way to see how all the parts of the whole interact. Using these tools, having ‘a design perspective’ from the start of creating a service is what has changed within the industry because it is more helpful at creating a better system. This practice is an interdisciplinary approach to be able to see all sides of the system and is also the continued direction of service designers. Most importantly, having a conceptual overview created by designers is what is going to create the best system.

Reflection: This article is very interesting to me, and is also the most human, by the author talking about their own experiences. I agree that the best way to visualize a whole service is to have multiple disciplines, especially from management and design look at the same system and work together. The best way to work together under this same problem is to create visuals that represent the service. I think you understand service design the best when you have played different design roles overall, such as this author graduating as an industrial design then working in management. This is the best way to get on overall look at what design in in the practice phase, and then be able to implement the best practices from experience.

“Design can be understood as product, as process, and as practice.” -Katarina Wetter Edman


Task Rabbits :)

Task Rabbits 🙂

People willing to do your laundry for you… and people willing to PAY for it? Here is a website where you can outsource just about any task. This is my original idea behind a new service that would take away your laundry, do it for you and bring it back. What is required and what is behind the scenes to get it done is what I have to figure out. 

Eco Friendly?

Eco Friendly?

Eco Friendly Laundry Matt? Another avenue to think about is earth friendly things going on as an incentive for people to want to use this service. People are becoming more aware for services that are caring about the environment and are using them, so maybe people would be more inclined to use this one if it had come ecofriendly background.